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Introducing Quixotic 360
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The Automation Platform
for Energy Retailers
Who Want to Scale

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What do we do?

We automate processes and integrate energy retailers with utility companies

Process automation

Don't waste your time on processes that could be automated. Focus on acquiring and taking care of your customers. We take care of utilities.

Regulatory Frameworks

The energy market is evolving at an exponential rate. While regulation didn't use to change at all, it constantly changes now. Navigate these regulatory changes with an experienced partner.

XML Files

Generating normalised XML files, uploading, downloading, interpretation of responses... all manual work falls under operations. Quixotic 360 creates more streamlined processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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A single data repository

Logging into every utility website several times a day? Quixotic 360 provides energy retailers with a single data repository where they can find all their files.

Third-party integrations

We know that the future of data cannot exist in silos. This is why Quixotic 360 integrates with utilities, CRMs, ERPs, BI or Big Data providers.

An infographic representing Quixotic 360 as the integration of multiple platforms and aggregation of data.

Real-time processing reports

Access reports on new customers and churn, consumption, etc. In real time and from any type of device. Become part of the Smart Switching revolution.

File processing

Automate file processing so you can focus on your customers. Ask us about the processes we cover, and our roadmap in 2021.

Presents Quixotic 360

Quixotic 360 is a disruptive cloud platform for energy retailers. In order to make Quixotic 360, we used a multidisciplinary team with decades of combined experience in both energy consulting and products.

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Satisfied Customers

Outstanding communication and even better customer support

Calibre 360 was a key component in our "prosumer" customer acquisition strategy, both within B2B and B2C, in all things automation."

Pablo Pérez-Bedmar Fernández
Head of Marketing & Product, Powen

A very different partner

"I met Calibre first as a client, then as a supplier and now as partners on Agile methodology projects. I've always known that they were different, but with Quixotic 360 they're now demonstrating it to everyone.

Antonio Lorente
CEO & Founder, Tigalia Consulting