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Renewable energy communities

Set-up your renewable energy community in a subscription model.

Invoicing energy is a challenge by itself, and now we have Renewable Energy Communities. From a legal point of view,  European regulation makes a difference between Citizen Energy Communities (CEC) and Renewable Energy Communities, (REC), however in Spain, Energy Communities must be legal entities, must be renewable, and must have open and volunteer participation policies. They are essentially green smart microcro-grids where production and consumption is decentralised. These legal definitions and regulatory changes have just started.

At QUIXOTIC 360 we understand Renewable Energy Communities as a social movement and our goal is the environmental and economic benefit of all the actors involved in such communities, by means of using distributed generation, sharing your domestic surplusses, etc.

Get in touch to assess whether we can run a pilot for your project, completely free of charge!

If you want to know more about how QUIXOTIC 360 does its bit to get us closer to achieve the UN's SDGs you can click here.

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