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Renewable energy communities

¿What is a Renewable Energy Community?

Invoicing energy is a challenge by itself, and now we have Renewable Energy Communities. From a legal point of view,  European regulation makes a difference between Citizen Energy Communities (CEC) and Renewable Energy Communities, (REC).

In Spain, Energy Communities must be legal entities, must be renewable, and must have open and volunteer participation policies. They are essentially green smart microcro-grids where production and consumption is decentralised. These legal definitions and regulatory changes have just started.

At QUIXOTIC we understand Renewable Energy Communities as a social movement and our goal is the environmental and economic benefit of all the actors involved in such communities, by means of using distributed generation, sharing your domestic surplusses, etc.

Get in touch to assess whether we can run a pilot for your project.

Reasons to Build a
Renewable Energy Community

We often hear Self Consumption, Collective Self Consumption and Energy Communities as if they were different entities. Self Consumption and Energy Communities are not antagonic concepts but parts of the activity-subject dichotomy. Whatever shape or legal instrument we chose, joining this global energy revolution carries the following advantages.

Decarbonize our local environment with 100% green production, incentivise the electric vehicle, aerothermia, etc.
Generate a sense of community, sharing energy surplus between neighbours and businesses, removing the dependency from energy suppliers.
More cost-efficient than installing your own solar panels, since the community shares structural fixed costs for the installation.
Substantial savings in your energy bills, not only for the self-consumed energy, but because of the bargaining power that comes from aggregating all members of the community.

Steps to Set Up an Energy Community

Here's a generic project blueprint, get in touch with us so we can have an initial discovery call where we can solve doubts and learn more about your project.

  • We sit down with you to solve doubts and make sure that the value proposition is crystal clear.

  • Deliverable: An analysis proposal with times, specialist partners in each field, etc.
  • We sit down again and analyse with our partners the specificities of your project, the actors involved, the local/regional legislation, etc.
  • Deliverable: A co-created ecosystem document, where every aspect of your Energy Community is laid out, savings, scope of the project, etc.
  • Project's kick off. On the one hand we have the technical execution of the project (permits, compliance certificates, etc.) On the other, every human element needed for its success: training, local community-based initiatives, training,
  • Deliverable:
    Your Energy Community!
  • Monthly accompaniment.
  • QUIXOTIC is a SaaS Operating System that can be fully managed by the community. That said, we do include support and can help you with the day-to-day operations shall you want us to be involved.

Our First-Class Partners

At QUIXOTIC, we're experts in energy software solutions. Our platform is 100% manageable by any user, but often, setting up a Renewable Energy Community requires different kinds of expertise.

Solar installations, permits, compliance certificates, peer to peer agreements... Nobody can be an expert at everything. That's why we work within a partners' ecosystem so we can co-define the project and present to you a single, fully transparent proposal, where we cover the project end-to-end, or whatever pieces of the puzzle you haven't already solved.

Some of the services our ecosystem can provide:
Energy Communities-specific software, in a subscription model, with no surprises
Mobile App for every member of the Community
Legal and admin support for the legal constitution of your Energy Community
Study, design and technical implementation of your distributed, solar energy project.
Grants and subsidies' support
Smart meters & submetering for the exhaustive control of the most complex projects

If you want to know more about how QUIXOTIC does its part to get us closer to achieve the UN's SDGs you can click here.

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