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¿Who's behind QUIXOTIC?

Digital Transformation

Calibre 360 is the digital transformation leader in Spain. With Agile methodologies and SCRUM at its backbone.

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Energy and Utilities

With the experience gained from dozens of projects and products for energy suppliers and utilities, we created QUIXOTIC.

Partners and Mentors

QUIXOTIC is accelerated by LANZADERA, Juan Roig's leading accelerator in Spain, as well as invested by the likes of Actio Ventures (Nootric, Campo Grande) and Pandaro Ventures (Barkibu, Wallapop, etc.)

introducing Quixotic

Mission and Vision

We believe that there is a direct relationship between the decrease in energy costs and the increase of quality of life for humankind.

Our vision is to improve the life of millions of people and put an end to energy poverty.Our roadmap consists of two parts, first, we’re destroying the entry barriers for the next generation of energy entrepreneurs, empowering them with our set of tools to compete with the big players in an increasingly competitive global arena.We believe that energy supply is no longer "just commodity management" and that in the last few years energy retail is moving towards placing customers at the center of its operations.

At QUIXOTIC, our goal is to democratize access to the automation tools and software necessary to operate in a competitive, robust and agile manner in the energy space.Secondly, we will improve the life of millions of people by creating and managing Renewable Energy Communities, making electricity bills more affordable for the homes and businesses who form them, decreasing CO2 emissions, creating local jobs and empowering thousands of sharing economies where energy producers (consumers or investors) can decide who to sell (or donate) their surplus of energy to.

On top of this, we believe that Renewable Energy Communities are a social movement where QUIXOTIC plays a fundamental role in the sustainability of the environment and the economic participation of all actors within the ecosystems we touch.Welcome to the true energy revolution.

our expertise

Satisfied Customers

Outstanding communication and even better customer support

Calibre 360 was a key component in our "prosumer" customer acquisition strategy, both within B2B and B2C, in all things automation."

Pablo Pérez-Bedmar Fernández
Head of Marketing & Product, Powen

A very different partner

"I met Calibre first as a client, then as a supplier and now as partners on Agile methodology projects. I've always known that they were different, but with QUIXOTIC they're now demonstrating it to everyone.

Antonio Lorente
CEO & Founder, Tigalia Consulting