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introducing Quixotic 360

The End-to-End Solution for
Energy Suppliers

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Quixotic 360

Why should you choose


The customer does not commit to an initial capital investment, and only continues to be a client (and paying their monthly fee) as long as we continue to automate their processes, innovate and solve their problem.

100% Compatible

One of the keys to SaaS products is their "in the cloud" nature, which allows access to its functionalities from any device, without installing absolutely anything and with information in real time.

Constant Changes

Regulatory bodies work non-stop to define new frameworks and "guidelines". You must be up-to-date and in compliance. Solve these issues by delegating these tasks to a partner like QUIXOTIC 360.

World-class support

Goodbye to slow and insufficient support. The nature of the subscription model requires that the customer is satisfied every month, not just until the contract is signed.

Fixed Costs

With a fixed price and no surprises, software costs are easy to calculate and justify, without the need for RFPs or budgets to be approved.


An advantage of working in the cloud is having access to a scalable pay-per-use infrastructure. When you grow, we grow with you.

Continuous Evolution

With constant updates, new automation processes and integrations "out of the box", our roadmap is full of surprises.

Time to Market

Implementing on-premise solutions or custom projects is a project of months, sometimes years. With QUIXOTIC 360 you shorten times and start to benefit in a matter of weeks.


By using our platform, you adhere to the most advanced safety and regulatory standards, in accordance with the certifications that our technology offers you. If you want to know more, get in touch.

See the Platform

A Multi-layer

3. API Integrations

In this layer we have the integration interface and data repository, the cornerstone of Quixotic 360. Here's where we connect with with our customer's systems, utilities or grids.

1. Quixotic 360's Core

This is where we keep the solution architecture, data models, validation rules etc.

2. Business Processes

We have a set-up catalog of pre-established rules based on the processes we cover today. Here we update the code regularly adding the ability to interpret new files, automating new processes and steps.

Welcome to Smart Switching

¿Is it really End-to-End?

Yes it is. For years, the energy market needed an end-to-end automation solution for the utility-retailer integration. You suffered it and as energy consultants, we did too.

That's why we created QUIXOTIC 360. A real end-to-end solution to help retailers optimize their business processes. We coined the term "Smart Switching".

some of our customers

Key Business Advantages

✓ Streamlined operations
(QUIXOTIC 360 takes care of all menial tasks)

✓ Sales visualisation and optimization, with real time information

✓ Shortens time-to-market and time-to-cash

✓ Focus your efforts on customer acquisition and support, not on XML files transformation and uploading.

✓ Keep your systems up to date on all regulatory frameworks and "best practices"

✓ Reduces churn

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